WP Site Management

WP Site Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you host my WordPress website for me?

Yes, we can! Super fast premium WordPress hosting is included in our package, as standard. By hosting your website with us you benefit from lots of extra features such as built-in backups, security and updates.

I have a WordPress.com website - Can I use WPSiteManagement?

Unfortunately not. We are only able to work with self-hosted WordPress websites.

What information do you need from me?

In order to get started and to move your website over to our super powerful WordPress server we will need your website admin and FTP/SFTP login details. You can either send us your existing logins or create a new user for us to access the website.

Is my website safe on your server?

Yes, absolutely! We pride ourselves on the security and reliability of our WordPress server. Your website is protected by multiple layers of security.

What if I need to make changes to my site?

If you want us to make any changes to your website just email your account manager the instructions and we'll take care of the rest. We'll login, make the requested changes and then email you when your task is complete.

Do you host my email too?

No, we do not host emails on our server. The reason behind this is that we want to focus on one thing and do that one thing really well - WordPress website hosting. We strongly recommend you use Google Apps for Work or Office 365 to host your emails.


How do I pay for WPSiteManagement?

Once you are setup with WPSiteManagement you can pay monthly or quarterly, by standing order. We will send you an invoice on the 1st of every month for your records.

Can I order offline or by phone?

Yes, absolutely! Once you've decided that you want us to look after your WordPress website call us on 01604 805 432 to leave us a message.

Can you help maintain WordPress Multisite?

Yes, absolutely! We count each multisite installation as a new website so if you have 3 sites on your network we would charge £50 x 3 per month/annum.

Why should I trust you with my business website?

Because all we do is WordPress maintenance our team have more experience than most other generalist 'website maintenance' providers. We focus on one thing and do it really well - WordPress maintenance. You get a team of experts who know WordPress inside out and can fix any issue you may have.

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The BCL vision is to build partnerships with UK-based businesses, charities and entrepreneurs in order to keep their websites online and help them gain and maintain sustainable growth.

As my business grew and I had less time, WP Site Management has allowed me to pass on the management and running of an important part of my customer engagement, my website, to a team of knowledgable and friendly people, taking away another job and the worry of the website not being efficient.

Matthew W,
Sales Director

Running a website is something I'm not comfortable with and, as it's a critical part of my businesses reach to existing and potential customers, I needed to make sure it was looked after. I send my car to the garage, my accounts to my accountant, so this seemed a logical step to make.

Mark J,
Small Business Owner

It's a pleasure working Bentlebury. Drew and the team have, in my experience, provided nothing but first class service.  We don't have in-house marketing support, so knowing I have Bentlebury at the end of the phone is re-assuring.

Michael P,
Managing Director

I never realised looking after my website in terms of maintenance would take up so much of my time and, as I grow my business and need to focus on income generation, WP Site Management offered a proper solution to allow me the time to concentrate on my business, whilst doing a far better job at looking after the website then I could ever have done!

Chris A,