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What Information Should Your Business Have On It’s Website?

Do you know that, as a business operating in the UK, there is information that you have to display on your website by law?

Regardless of how good your website looks and how successfully it supports your business, if you or your web designer haven’t included this basic information, you could face legal action, hefty fines and reputational damage.

Your company solicitor should confirm your requirements for you, but here were suggest areas you’d might like to consider:

At bare minimum your website must:

  • Display your business information, e.g. your registered office address, registered company number (if appropriate) and VAT number.
  • Detail privacy information, including whether you collect personal data or not.
  • Disclose information about the Cookies you use.

If you have an e-commerce element to your website, then there are even more legal requirements you might like to consider.

For example, you need to provide customers information such as order confirmation and cooling-off period details, as well as having explicit terms of business visible on your website.

Also, an e-commerce website must included business terms including at least the following basic information:

  • The nature of your goods and services.
  • All delivery information, including charges and times.
  • Cancellation procedures and consumer rights.
  • Supplier details.

For business owners who don’t meet the UK legal standards there are a number of possible consequences.

  • Fines – by the Information Commissioner’s Office or Trading Standards.
  • Compensation claims – by individuals suffering loss due to your failure to comply.
  • Reputational damage in both your industry and current/future clients.

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