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If you deleted something from your WordPress Website or worse, you were hacked, could you recover and recover quickly?  Do you regularly backup your website so it can be restored as quickly as possible?

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Supporting You, Supporting Your Business.

Our dedicated team of WordPress experts help organisations like yours, across the UK, making sure everything to do with your Website runs as it should. As we focus solely on WordPress websites, we are able to be reactive to our customers' needs and able to identify and resolve any problems quickly and professionally.

What do our customers get? Daily backups of the WordPress websites, including the database, content and media library. Our UK-based server is efficiently designed and managed to run WordPress websites. Customer websites are also protected against malware and have hacker protection, with real-time scanning preventing brute force and denial of service attacks.

Your website is probably the primary reference point for existing and potential customers looking to find out about your products and services, but i the site ever went down or was hacked, our service means you have the peace of mind that it will be back online efficiently and expediently.

For £49.99 inc VAT per month, less than the prices of a modern smart-phone contract, we provide and end-to-end management service to keep you online.


The bentleburydigital vision is to build partnerships with UK-based businesses, charities and entrepreneurs in order to keep their websites online and help them gain and maintain sustainable growth.

As my business grew and I had less time, WP Site Management has allowed me to pass on the management and running of an important part of my customer engagement, my website, to a team of knowledgable and friendly people, taking away another job and the worry of the website not being efficient.

Matthew W,
Sales Director

Running a website is something I'm not comfortable with and, as it's a critical part of my businesses reach to existing and potential customers, I needed to make sure it was looked after. I send my car to the garage, my accounts to my accountant, so this seemed a logical step to make.

Mark J,
Small Business Owner

It's a pleasure working Bentlebury. Drew and the team have, in my experience, provided nothing but first class service.  We don't have in-house marketing support, so knowing I have Bentlebury at the end of the phone is re-assuring.

Michael P,
Managing Director

I never realised looking after my website in terms of maintenance would take up so much of my time and, as I grow my business and need to focus on income generation, WP Site Management offered a proper solution to allow me the time to concentrate on my business, whilst doing a far better job at looking after the website then I could ever have done!

Chris A,